When the sun goes down…

My second post is about something else than nail art and nail polishes, something else that makes my Pink Could more pinkish. And this “something else” is the sunset. I love nature and I think that the sunset is one of the most spectacular shows, that nature gives us for free. How cool is that 🙂

Back to the topic of the post: when the sun goes down… and not just anywhere, but in Cape Town (and around), a very special place for me (but about that, maybe I will tell you more another time).

The first sunset, I am sharing with you,  is my very first sunset in Cape Town, the first day of my first time in South Africa. I took this picture at the beach in Table View.IMG_1964.JPG

The second sunset is from the Lion’s Head and the hike up there it was totally worth it.IMG_3042IMG_3400

The next sunset is from Small Bay beach and it is one of the best I have ever seen and one of the most special, that I will never forget 🙂IMG_3821IMG_3812

In the picture below, this amazing sunset is from Arninston, a small fishermen village, not far from the southernmost tip of the African continent.20160619_053606717_iOS

The sunset coming next is from Signal Hill. If you will ever be in town (Cape Town 😛 ) grab a bottle of wine and go up the Signal Hill with your special one.20150919_163332359_iOS

Another cool spot to admire the sunset in Cape Town, it is the Cape Wheel, where I took the next picture. The view around the city is breathtaking.15781298_10210586292606699_3628293869100436323_n

But I must say that during my stays in Cape Town, I was quite lucky to stay in a place with a great view over the Table Mountain and to have breathtaking sunsets every day. Below are some of them (I wish I could share all of them with you, but it would be an endless post)20151009_163859309_iOS16107294_10210759873866122_7987490043632949042_o15894225_10210630560673373_7220321955160385816_nIMG_268520150917_165910654_iOS

Last but not least, another very special sunset. The last I had the chance to admire at Small Bay beach, during my last travel in Cape Town. This sunset makes me feel so nostalgic, that feeling that in Italian is called “Mal d’Africa”.20161227_174823516_iOS

Before saying goodbye I would like to point out that all the pictures are as I took them, without any kind of filter.

I hope you have enjoyed this “Sunset tour” around Cape Town through my memories!

Lots of love from my Pink Cloud!

Adry ♥






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